Tower Films is a full-service video production company, and exists to tell stories.

About Us

Tower Films is a full-service video production company and exists to tell stories. With purpose and intention, we craft each project until it becomes as individual and unique as our clients. Our team's work is Emmy Award-winning, and has been featured on PBS, the BBC, and National Geographic. The pursuit of the perfect story has led us around the world and back again. We love what we do, and enjoy pursuing this ever-changing, dynamic field.

At Tower Films, we believe that the art of storytelling is the heart of communication, and it is alive and well. Although methods of storytelling have evolved, we continue to think through metaphors and learn through story. We yearn for stories. We hunger to hear something new, something exciting, as we wait to be surprised by twists and turns. A simple, engaging story can be the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary. Stories have the ability to inspire, to be the difference between a movement and momentary interest. They have the power to elevate the inanimate into an idea, breathing into it life, and make an otherwise fleeting moment unforgettable.


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